Emerald Cut Diamond Size Chart + Weight Calculator

Wondering how big a 1-carat Emerald Cut Diamond is or how much a 9x7mm Emerald Cut Diamond weighs?

Then you have come to the right page as I have created a full chart and built a really easy-to-use calculator to help you get an idea of how much your Diamond weighs.

Quick Note: These are estimated weights only, the actual weight of your Diamond may be different depending on the proportions of the stone.

Emerald Cut Diamond Weight Calculator

If you have the dimensions of your Diamond, you can use my free calculator below.

The calculator has been designed to automatically calculate the depth of the stone at 64% (which falls in the ideal range) but if you have this measurement, you can enter it in the box.

Emerald Cut Size to Carat Chart

0.5 Carat = 5.9 x 3.8mm

0.75 Carats = 6.6 x 4.4mm

1 Carat = 7.0 x 4.9mm

2 Carat = 8.3 x 6.3mm

3 Carat = 9.3 x 7.4mm

Images are for illustration purposes only as it is very difficult to accurately represent image sizes on screens.


Creating a chart for Emerald Cut sizes is very difficult due to the incredible number of length-to-width combinations, which can range from below 1:30 to more than 1:60, for example, there are numerous combinations for a 1-carat Emerald Cut, such as:

  • 8×4.6mm
  • 6.3×5.2mm

But I have tried to include all of the popular calibrated sizes in the chart above and the calculator can be used if you have the length and width measurements of your Diamond.

And as with all size-to-weight charts, this should be used as a guide only as there are factors that impact the weight of an Emerald Cut Diamond, including:

  • Girdle thickness
  • Length-to-width ratio
  • Pavilion angle
  • Whether the stone has a pavilion bulge

Another issue with doing weight estimation for Emerald Cut Diamonds is that there aren’t any globally recognized ‘ideal’ proportions, which is why Emerald Cut Diamonds aren’t given a cut grade by gem labs such as the GIA.

But I do hope that the chart and calculator are helpful in giving you and idea as to how much your Diamond might weigh.

If you want to check the size to weight of other Diamond shapes, then you can use my Diamond weight estimation calculator or check out my other size charts below:

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I'm Paul Haywood FGA DGA, the owner and founder of Haywoods Gems, I'm a fully qualified Gemmologist and Diamond Grader from the Gemmological Association of Great Britain.

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