The World’s Largest Diamonds

In this post we will be looking at the five largest cut diamonds in the world. All these diamonds have come from extraordinary rough crystals that have been found in the mines of India or Africa and then cut by some of the finest diamond cutters in history. The value of these diamonds is beyond comprehension and in many cases they can only be described as priceless.

Spirit of de Grisogono Diamond

The Spirit of De Grisogono Diamond

Weight: 312.24 Carats
Estimated Value: Unknown

A truly unique diamond amongst many special stones. The Spirit of de Grisogono is a 312 carat Mogul-cut black diamond that is set in a stunning white gold mount with 702 colorless diamonds.

Not much in known about the early history of the diamond but it is believed to have been found somewhere in central Africa. In its rough form, the diamond crystal weighed 587 carats before being cut by de Grisogono, after whom the stone is named.

Even though the stone is named after de Grisogono, the man who purchased the rough crystal was Fawaz Gruosi who made black diamonds fashionable in the late 1990’s.

Cullinan II

Cullinan II

Weight: 317.40 Carats
Estimated Value: $150 Million ($207 Million)

Weighing in at 317 carats, the Cullinan II is one of the finest diamonds in the world but it will forever be in the shadow of its larger sibling the Cullinan I.

This does not stop the cushion cut Cullinan II being front and centre whether it is on Royal duty as part of the Imperial Crown or on display in the Jewel House at the Tower of London.

The Incomparable Diamond

The Incomparable Diamond

Weight: 407.48 Carats
Estimated Value: £39 Million ($55 Million)

The Incomparable Diamond has set records with the Gemological Institute of America as the largest internally flawless diamond they had ever graded in 1998 and Guinness World Records as part of the Most Expensive Necklace when it was valued at $55 Million.

The unique cut of the 407 carat, fancy deep brownish yellow diamond means that it is different to every other diamond out there.

This was achieved by master diamond cutter Marvin Samuels who expertise meant that such an amazing finished stone was cut from the 890 carat rough crystal.

Cullinan I (The Star of Africa)

Cullinan 1

Weight: 530.20 Carats
Estimated Value: £290 Million ($400 Million)

The Star of Africa was cut from the largest rough diamond ever found, known as the Cullinan Diamond that weighed an incredible 3,106 carats.

Under the watchful eye of master diamond cutter Joseph Asscher, head of the Asscher Diamond Company the Cullinan was cut into a total of nine large stones and around one hundred smaller stones.

The nine large diamonds would go on to become part of the British Crown Jewels and the Cullinan I would hold pride of place in the Royal Spectre. When not on Royal duties, the Cullinan I is on display in the Jewel House in the Tower of London alongside the Cullinan II and the Koh-I-Noor.

The Golden Jubilee Diamond

The Golden Jubilee Diamond

Weight: 545.67
Estimated Value: Unknown

The largest diamond in the world is the Golden Jubilee diamond. It was cut by famed diamond cutter Gabi Tolkowsky who transformed the 755.5 carat rough crystal into the stunning 545 carat fire rose cushion cut.

The final faceted stone was over 15 carats heavier than the Cullinan I and took the title of the largest faceted diamond in the world.

The rough crystal was found at the De Beers Premier Diamond mine in South Africa in 1985, following being cut it is believed that it was sold to a group of Thai businessmen in 1995 who then presented it as a gift to King Bhumibol Adulyadej in 1997 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his coronation and it was from this that the diamond got its name.


That is one impressive list of diamonds, with a combined weight of over 2,100 carats! Pretty much every diamond on this list is considered priceless not only because of its size, but also the history that is associated with each of the stones.

It also makes you wonder if a diamond crystal will be found, that can produce a larger diamond than the Golden Jubilee?

We would like to thank De Beers, Mouawad and the Tower of London for the images used in this post.

I'm Paul Haywood FGA DGA, the owner and founder of Haywoods Gems, I'm a fully qualified Gemmologist and Diamond Grader from the Gemmological Association of Great Britain.

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